33. Job Interview Practicality and Preparedness

This Sunday I had a job interview for the new frozen yogurt place opening up in town. En route to the interview, I learned a very important lesson in practicality and preparedness.

Starbucks 2:08 p.m. I pulled into the parking lot of the appointed meeting place with seven minutes to spare– two entire minutes of which I spent parking the car. I have found that my confidence is directly related to how well I park the car. What should have been an easy parking maneuver turned into a dance of pulling in, backing out, pulling in again, straightening the car, and still ending up far from parallel. To my embarrassment, there was only one car beside me. I had tons of free space, and I still managed to end up about 30° from parallel. With the clock ticking, I decided it was time to go into the interview. Upon grabbing my résumé, a gust of wind took the document right out of my hands and sent it flying toward the busy intersection beyond the edge of the parking lot.

I must have been quite a spectacle, chasing after a sheet of paper in my stacked heels. Why I wore heels to an interview for a frozen yogurt shop, I cannot say, as heels are as impractical for serving yogurt as they are for running after résumés. In any case, just as I was about to grab it in the parking lot, the wind scooped the paper up again and deposited it at the bottom of a little grassy patch near the intersection. I rescued the document, brushed the sand off the back, and proceeded to the interview. Though my terrible parking job and mad dash ruffled my feathers slightly, I kept myself under control.

During my session, the woman even complimented me on how “smart” I seemed.

The lesson: don’t be that fool who runs after a necessary document in the parking lot. Be prepared, and keep two copies of your résumé with you. And wear practical shoes.

Firsts This Week:

  • Chased after a paper in heels, nearly missing my interview
  • Saw the play To Kill a Mockingbird

6 thoughts on “33. Job Interview Practicality and Preparedness

  1. Practical shoes should be the only kind ever worn at work. I sometimes find myself wondering if any women died in the Trade Center disaster because they couldn’t run down stairs in high heels. I do know I would not want to wear heels after an earthquake. Not that I can find heels in a men’s size 15…sigh.

  2. Always give yourself 10 extra minutes for mishaps.
    It is best to carry a resume in a sheet protector. This adds weight so the page won’t fly away and protects it in case it does fall down on grassy patches…

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  4. great post! Parking the car CAN take a lot of time, especially if you’re in a city environment and have to park and WALK several blocks in heels. I haven’t worn heels in decades.

    I hope you get the job!!!!

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